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Ad Rates for Souvenir Booklet for African-American Women Awards

Advertisement Dimensions of a full page or cover are 8.5 by 11 inches.

Please check appropriate box.

Advertisement Rates:

{} Back Cover ————————————-600.00

{ } Inside Back Cover——————————500.00

{ } Inside front Cover——————————500.00

{ } Inside Full Page———————————150.00

{ } Inside Half Page———————————100.00

{ } Inside Quarter Page or Business Cards——-75.00

{ } Tickets per person are……………………………..65.00


Please make all checks payable to Kappa Community Development Corporation

All ads should be photo-ready. If not, they must be typed.

Please add 12.00 to the cost of the advertisement for each photo {half tone}. All photos must be black and white glossy.

Please attach photo-ready copy or typewritten copy to this form.

Deadline for all advertisements is October 9, 2017

For an adobe printable version click here